Dorlini pays a lot of attention to becoming the best supplier of doors for the houses of its highly demanding clients. We study the requirements of our clients very carefully, and implement the answers to their demands in the properties and quality of our products.

Dorlini doors are surprisingly moisture-resistant. They maintain their shape in the event of practically any drop in humidity, which is especially important when they are used in country houses. They are highly resistant to wear, preserving the original look of their surfaces for many years. Dorlini engineers pay special attention to the fire resistance of the materials they use, which ensures, to borrow an expression from the automotive industry, an advanced “active safety” for our products, which can make a lifesaving difference in extreme circumstances.

In order to make the public buildings and – in case of special order – private apartments and houses where our doors are used more hygienic, we carry out special antibacterial procedures, which make our products hypoallergic and also increasing their operating life.

On the whole, there is only one factor that threatens long operating life of our technologically advanced doors: the constant work of our designers, who are always ready to offer our clients the most modern and trendy findings, which can be seen in each new Dorlini collection. This is even truer for our individual door solutions, created according to the unique taste of every client and the unique interior of their house, making the whole space truly individual.

When we list all of Dorlini’s advantages, we constantly come across the fact that there are so many of them that even such properties as vandal-resistance, simplicity of assembly and installation or the fact that the coating is resistant to the effects of light do not add much to the long list of their unique special features. And our doors really have them – impact resistance, resistance to ultraviolet emanations and convenience of installation!

Install Dorlini in your houses; this cluster of wonderful properties and characteristics executed by brilliant designers, and change the way you think about doors.

Dorlini – Shift Your Doormind! (c)


In order to help our clients to determine exactly which door to buy, or which Dorlini collection suits this or that interior best, we provide all kinds of help for our dealers.

This includes advertising campaigns in various media, providing promotional printed materials and samples and placing information about each dealer at our Web site*. Our design bureau helps our dealers to work out both individual interior solutions for clients (for example, walls and doors in one style) and the design of show-rooms** for presenting our products.


*In the “Where to Buy” section

**Attention: when the layout of the premises are specified.