Starting from March 12, 2012, immediately after the wonderful holidays in the beginning of spring, our factory in St. Petersburg started making its first door sets, which will become the basis for serial production, planned for the second half of this June.

At present, the company is perfecting the whole technological chain of its project production cycle in order to ensure compliance with the quality standards approved at Dorlini.

Besides the usual Italian and North European suppliers of components, which the company has had steady business relationships with for a long time, Dorlini is currently arranging tenders among Russian manufacturers as well, to find partners capable of compliance with our quality and delivery time requirements and also help to lower prices on our products for our Russian clients even more.

As we mentioned before, the launching of the first stage of production of industrial volumes of products is expected in the beginning of summer. The full planned output, 200,000 door sets per year, is expected to be reached by 2015.