Single tone Laque coating. In addition to the main colours of the collection, it is possible to select the color of the leaf and the edge.

Coating demonstrating the natural richness of texture of the wood. The door will last a long time without losing its looks. The coating does not wear out and the door will not lose its colour and texture.

High-quality application of any print on the leaf? It really is possible! You may prepare the original file for printing yourself or leave it up to the Dorlini designers: a copy of your wallpaper pattern on the leaf; your favourite ornament or print, a photo from a great trip…

A door like a work of art? It really is possible! Images from the work of modern artists and illustrators will give your interior its own individual style. Graffiti, comics, a piece by your favorite artist; whatever you choose, we will make you interior truly trendy, guaranteed.

Series made in limited numbers, constantly renewed with new decorative options. The ones available today include the rich textures of natural stones, trendy surfaces and surfaces with metallic coating.