For the first time in Russia innovative Dorlini doors with invisible in-built box for installation of leaf on the same level as the wall and up to three meters high!

Dorlini presents a new high-tech decoration and finishing material: an excellent selection of textures, lusterless and glossy surfaces.

A high-quality door doesn’t have to be expensive! The Dorlini brand is the result of cooperation between groups of Italian investors with European design studios, specializing in the most up-to-date interior solutions. When they decided to enter the Russian market, the owners of Dorlini factory arranged a special tender among interior experts for the creation of their basic collection. Innovation is the main feature of Dorlini, and thanks to that the company stands out among all the door manufacturers.

The latest technologies and the use of modern coatings, combined with the craftsmanship of our designers make it possible to create unique products, with aesthetical properties that are complemented by their absolute technological perfection. The decorative surface is resistant to mechanical damage, ultraviolet emanations and changing weather conditions.

The constantly changing trends in household goods dictate its terms, and Dorlini Company pays the most thorough attention to design. The factory presents new collections every year.

The main advantage of Dorlini is the ability to create of exclusive design solutions based on our doors. The stretch of designers’ imagination is limited by nothing: doors can be installed without jambs and lintel on the same level with the wall, they can be unusually high (up to 3 m) and installed up to the ceiling, they can be single swing or rolling, one-leaved or double-leaved, with or without jambs and lintel. Furthermore, the technology of large-format printing makes it possible to apply absolutely any image to the leaf, when means that a photo or even an artist’s painting can be naturally and functionally integrated into the interior.

Thanks to the company’s own production facilities in St. Petersburg, orders are filled very quickly: within 21 calendar days. Our experts will help you to select the required fittings for your individual interior style. There is a warehouse program in Moscow and one in St. Petersburg.


Three kinds of boxes (including in-built/invisible)

Finishing: lusterless or glossy

Standard sizes, mm: width 700; 800; 900; x height 2000; 2100

Non-standard sizes, mm: 700; 800; 900 x 2200; 2300; 2400; 2700; 3000